How do I Register for Camp?

To register for camp, simply visit our "Camps" page, scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will find a registration form to fill out. This can be done before or after camp fees are paid. PLEASE NOTE: Your spot in camp will NOT be held without 50% deposit. Camp fees can be paid via Etransfer to "" make the password TLOAHCAMP. Please remember to add GST to your fees. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Sorry, we do not except credit cards.


How many kids will be at Camp?

Maximum amount of kids at camp is 10. Usually our camps range from 5 - 10 campers.

Do I have to have experience to attend?

Our experience requirements vary depending on what camp you attend. Intermediate camp, you are expected to know how to walk/trot and basic horse handling. Our camps page states minimum age is 10, however, if you meet or experience requirements, age is not a factor. 

Jumping camp, you are expected to know how to walk/trot/canter/and have started over cross rails. 

Crazy Horse Ladies 18+ Camp, you are required to know how to walk/trot.

Are there showers?

We do have one shower available for use on select days to be set when campers are settling in. Also, we do have a hose with hot and cold water available at the barn at all times. Campers are free to use this during free time to wash up. We also set aside certain times during the week for some fun in the water/slip n slide. The washroom in the house is also open for use of the toilet. Outhouse also on site. 

How often do we ride?

We ride 2 - 4 hours a day, weather depending . If it is pouring rain/thundering/lightning, we do not ride. If it is above 30 degrees, we do not ride in the heat of the day, and will make 
up for it on an evening ride. 

Can we bring our own horse? 

YES! We encourage you to bring your own horse to camp. We do require that they have the training necessary to be ridden. They must also be up to date on vaccinations, and have no signs of illness. Any dangerous or ill horses will be sent home. YOU are responsible for supplying your horses feed (Hay, supplements, etc.), buckets for water/feed, brushes, and tack (Tack may also be borrowed, but this must be arranged with us prior to camp.). We supply you wi
th a stall, water, and bedding

don't have a horse, can I still attend?

YES! We have a limited amount of lesson horses available for use at camp. As long as you meet our experience 
requirements, you can reserve a lesson horse upon registering. Please make sure we still have a horse available before registering


When does Camp Start and end?

Camp starts on Monday at 10AM, please do not arrive any earlier and if it can be helped, not much later. :) Camp ends on Friday after our 
Fun Show which starts around 2pm and runs till around 5pm depending on how many participants there are.  

Is this a co-ed Camp? 

Yes, both girls and boys are allowed to 
attend this camp. 

What do I need to bring to camp?

-Warm Sleeping Bag and Pillow (any other night time necessities).

- Single/twin air mattress 

Mosquito Repellent!!! For YOU and your HORSE (if bringing your own). The bugs CAN get bad out here so its best to be prepared. We will have some on supply as well.

-water bottle, flashlight, any other camping gear needed!

-clothes for schooling (if wanting to ride English breeches, jods, schooling tights, chaps, stirrup pants, or spandex pants are all fine) (if western, jeans are fine). You'll also need a hard soled shoe with a heel, preferably a pair of boots.  They are available at Lammles or UFA with prices ranging from $40 to $300

-helmet (if you have one; if not, we have some helmets that are free to borrow, new helmets are found and Lammles or UFA)

- Swimming suit or t-shirt and shorts - (NO SWIMMING - We set up the sprinkler/slip n slide for some fun!)

-clothes you don't mind getting a little dirty!

-If bringing your own horse: saddle, saddle pad, bridle, brushes, hay, Bucket(s), Halter, lead rope, etc.

How much does Camp Cost?

Camp cost depends on which camp you are attending, whether you are in a group of 3+ or a returning camper. Please contact us to learn more about these discounts. a deposit of 50% is required to hold your spot in camp, the remaining amount is due 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO CAMP DATE.

Intermediate camp - $650+GST 

Jumping Camp - $700+GST

Crazy Horse Ladies Camp - $300+GST

Payment can be made online through online interact/Etransfer! Send to: " " . Please make the answer to the security question TLOAHCAMP. If you need assistance, Please contact us! 


Sorry, we do not except credit cards

What kind of riding facilities do you have?

We have a 200' X 80' OUTDOOR arena where we do our daily riding. We also go on trail rides al
ong the roadside to a nearby lake. We do NOT have an indoor arena. **NEW for 2017 - Cross Country Course is in the works!**

Where do we sleep at camp?

**NEW** for the 2017 season - Cabin with Bunks! 

The cabin has single size bunks, so please remember to bring a single/twin sized air mattress when coming to camp. We are working towards supplying mattresses for each bunk. Our cabin is a cozy place to spend evenings and free time with new friends made at camp.Houses are always open during camp should the weather turn nasty.  Please be sure to bring your air mattress, pillow, and a warm sleeping bag.


What happens if camp is rained out?

If the weather gets so bad that we cannot continue with camp, the date will be rescheduled and each camper will receive a coupon to return to camp for free or at a discounted rate depending on what day of the week camp was cancelled. Sorry, we do not offer refunds. Every registration goes towards paying for food, craft materials, prizes, staff, etc.  We apologize for any Inconvenience this may cause, but no refunds are our policy. Thanks. 

Can I bring snacks to camp?

Yes, however we do ask that you do not bring anything with peanuts in case someone has an allergy.

Can I bring my cell phone to camp? 

Yes, cell phones are allowed in the barn and tents. ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES IN THE ARENA. Anyone who is caught with their phone in the arena will have it taken away until the end of camp.  

Anything else I need to know?

An email will be sent out to you on the Friday prior to your camp date with details and reminders as well as directions to get here. 

When you camp at TLOAH, you are a part of our family. We expect each camper to treat one another and the TLOAH staff with respect. We have zero tolerance for bullying or cliques.