Policy & Conditions

  • TLOAH and staff are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged clothing, cell phones, tack, or other personal belongings. Be sure to take care of what you bring, and leave what you don't need with you at home.

  • In addition, campers and their legal guardian/s will be held responsible for damage to, or loss of TLOAH property or equipment.

  • All participants must be respectful to TLOAH staff, horses, and other camp participants. Anyone not complying will be sent home. We have ZERO tolerance for bullying and disrespectful behavior.

  • All participants must sign a waiver or have legal guardian sign it if under 18.

  • All participants must have a equestrian helmet - NO other helmet will do.

  • It is your (Camper/legal guardian) responsibility to ensure you have the experience required to attend camp. Each camp has a minimum experience requirement listed on the page, if you have any questions or concerns on whether you qualify - please contact us. We reserve the right to send under experienced campers home.

  • We DO NOT offer refunds of any sort should you cancel your attendance to camp.

Our expenses are fixed in advance based on a definite number of campers over a specified time. This being said, there will be no deductions taken from any fees for entering late, leaving early or cancelling.

If TLOAH must cancel our date for any given reason, you will be given a Gift Certificate for the amount that you paid. This gift certificate will have NO EXPIRY DATE, and can be used for ANY of our future events. The gift certificate will also have its own unique identification number so we know when it has been used. Because of this number, you may also choose to sell/gift yours if you so choose.